Why Equities?

Investing in Equities is undoubtedly the best avenue when it comes to high returns, source of long- term wealth creation, and offcourse the most liquid investment!

Why Invest with us?

At D.R., we make equity trading easier, more predictable, and more rewarding for our customers. Whether you are a long-term value investor or a day trader; a beginner or a professional investor looking to trade on leverage, we provide you with access to various investment and trading products, sound research and advice and secure tools to help you achieve your goals with ease.

  • A highly process driven, diligent approach
  • Powerful Research & Analytics
  • One of the "best-in-class" dealing rooms
  • Online Trading

    Online Trading has existed among people for ages and with the arrival of the internet, online trading is the buzzword of the day. With the internet as a platform it is very easy to trade in the instruments of your choice as and when you want.

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    Investments in Equities are subject to market risk